The Book

It’s Not What I Know … It’s How I Learned It

All businesses succeed or fail. A successful businessman may fail, but what makes him successful is that he never quits. He learns from every experience. He grows through failures on his way to success.

All the lights on our journey toward success are constantly changing. We move forward on green, are cautious on yellow, and wait for the reds to turn green. We may hesitate, but we don’t stop. And a detour is just another way to get to our destination – success.

This book is about sixty-five years of business successes and failures. From the city to the farm, from the university to the operating rooms in Vietnam and the jungles of Central America, from good patient care to professional politics, from business successes and failures, the author dissects what works and what doesn’t work.

The author won’t tell you what he knows. He will tell you how he learned it. When you know how he learned it, you will have engaged the most powerful ally to reach your business success.

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